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  • The Mermaid - lures human male champions
  • The Water Troll - summons water champions
  • Allies do not bring magical items and artifacts into battle

In Spellfire, some Thief champions wield powers, bringing a mix of strategy and deception to the game. These champions possess the unique ability to steal champions from opposing players' pools and turn them into allies in battle. Among these cunning Thief champions, two stand out for their abilities: the Mermaid and the Water Troll.

The Mermaid - lures human male champions

Mermaid card
Mermaid card

The Mermaid, a captivating creature of the Amazon race, is renowned for her stunning beauty and mesmerizing abilities. With her long silver hair and golden tail brighter than the sun, she is often regarded as the most beautiful entity in Spellfire. Her charm is so potent that she can lure any male human champion from any pool into battle as her ally. Ensnared by her allure, these champions betray their original allies to fight by her side, utterly captivated by her spell.

This powerful ability makes the Mermaid a strategic asset, capable of turning the tide of battle in her favor. Her ability to charm and control enemy champions introduces an unpredictable element to the game, forcing opponents to rethink their strategies. If the Mermaid loses the battle, the captivated champion is discarded, adding a layer of strategic depth to her use.

The Water Troll - summons water champions

Water Troll card
Water Troll card

The Water Troll, another Thief champion, originates from a profound desire to become a fish-like creature, granting her the ability to breathe underwater and communicate with sea dwellers. This transformation has endowed her with the unique ability to summon one water champion "in play" to aid her in battle as an ally.

The Water Troll’s ability to call upon his Water World friends can turn the tables, leveraging the strength and abilities of summoned allies. These allies, often provide crucial support in critical moments. However, if the Water Troll is defeated, the summoned ally returns to its owner’s pool.

Allies do not bring magical items and artifacts into battle

In Spellfire, specific rules apply to maintain game balance when a champion such as the Mermaid or the Water Troll takes another champion as an ally in battle. Allies cannot bring magical items and artifacts into battle; these items are sent to limbo. If an ally champion dies in battle, only cards marked "mutual" can return from limbo to the pool, while other cards are discarded.

These rules ensure that while champions add an element of surprise and strategy, the game remains fair and balanced. The unique abilities of Thief champions like the Mermaid and the Water Troll introduce dynamic and unpredictable combat scenarios, making them invaluable assets in the mystical world of Spellfire. Their powers not only enhance their own capabilities but also influence the strategies and tactics of all players involved, highlighting the intricate and engaging nature of Spellfire gameplay.