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25 Card Deck Starting Guide
25 Card Deck Starting Guide

Spellfire: Re-master the Magic offers a variety of game modes to challenge and entertain players. Among these, the 25-card deck mode stands out as a fast-paced, strategic option perfect for introductory tournaments and quick play sessions. In this game mode, each player crafts a deck of 25 cards, choosing from realms, holdings, champions, allies, events, spells, magical items, and artifacts. The goal is to outmaneuver opponents using a carefully selected mix of cards, each with its unique purpose and value.

Ready-to-play Introductory Decks

Spellfire: Re-master the Magic offers various starter deck options to ensure a seamless jump into the world of magic. "Good vs Evil" and "Dynasty vs Nature" are examples of starter packs you can get that contain two pre-constructed, ready to play starter decks.

The decks in these starter packs are made with balance in mind, but it is up to the player to decide which cards to change and which ones to keep, while adhering to the 25-card deck building rules.

Building Your 25-Card Deck

When assembling your deck, remember that diversity and strategy are key. However, there are specific rules to follow:

  • Unique Cards: Each deck must contain unique cards; duplicates are not allowed. This rule ensures a wide variety of strategies and card combinations.
  • Champion Levels: The total levels of all champions in your deck cannot exceed 40. To determine a champion's level, refer to the number on the card, using the first number if there are two.
  • Restrictions: Your 25-card deck cannot contain avatars, dungeons, or rules cards.

Deckbuilding rule summary:

Deckbuilding table
Deckbuilding table

Gameplay and Winning Conditions

The 25-card deck mode modifies some traditional Spellfire rules to accommodate the smaller deck size:

  • Player Order: Players draw a random card from their deck and look at the last digit of the card number. The player with the highest number goes first.
  • Starting the Game: All players shuffle and draw five cards before begining the game.
  • Drawing Cards: Players begin their turn by drawing three cards.
  • Hand Size: The maximum hand size is seven cards. If over the limit, cards must be discarded before ending the turn.
  • Realm Defense: Winning requires placing three realms on the table in positions A, B, and C, and defending them successfully for one turn.
  • Final Stage: The game enters its final stage when three unrazed realms are in play, cancelling all cards that prevent final attacks against the player aiming to win.
  • Game Duration: In tournaments, matches are limited to 30 minutes, emphasizing quick thinking and efficient play. Elsewhere, this rule is optional.

If the 30 minute timer is up, or a player runs out of cards to draw from their draw pile, several criteria are used to determine the winner:

  1. Unrazed Realms: The player with the most unrazed realms typically wins. If there's a tie, the game looks at who placed their three realms first.
  2. Razed Realms Count: If players are tied on unrazed realms, the number of razed realms is considered, with a higher total signifying victory.
  3. Holdings and Champions: Ties that persist move to count holdings and then champions, preferring fewer champions in the pool as a tiebreaker.
  4. Champion Levels: If still tied, the game evaluates the levels of the champions, seeking the player with lower total levels.
  5. Draw Pile: In the rare event of a continuing tie, the winner is determined by who has more cards left in their draw pile.

This mode challenges players to think strategically about deck composition, manage resources effectively, and adapt to rapidly changing game conditions. Whether you're new to Spellfire or a seasoned player, mastering the 25-card deck mode can provide a fresh, engaging experience that tests your skills in new ways. So gather your cards, plan your strategy, and step into the arena ready to claim victory with your 25-card deck.