The Spellfire Digital Game Alpha is now open to players worldwide! Gather your friends, coworkers, and family for a spellbinding experience of classic CCG gaming.

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This release brings you a massive game update featuring card additions, improvements, bug fixes, and more. Explore the enchanting world of Spellfire like never before!

New Features:

  • Explore a 3rd Introductory Demo Deck with 25 new cards and exciting mechanics.
  • Test the Matches Played/Matches Won telemetry feature.
  • Enjoy the convenience of a "Play Again" button after each match.
  • Use the Spacebar to continue and skip through the game.
  • Discover the Limbo state functionality for various cards.
  • Witness the magic of Event cards during gameplay.
  • Unleash the power of Co-op cards.
  • Experience Mutual item functionality with artifacts and magical items.


  • Enhanced recognition of Earthwalker, Swimmer, and Flyer attributes.
  • Improved card attachment functionality to enemy player's champions.
  • Fixed numerous card descriptions and text issues.
  • Accurate recognition of Offensive/Defensive items.
  • Increased overall performance, especially on older PCs and laptops.
  • Streamlined in-game registration menu functionality.
  • Updated error logging for better issue debugging.
  • Card image display system rework in progress.
  • Realm card rebalancing for a better gaming experience.

Bug Fixes:

  • Corrected game state issues, like immediate wins and Undead Island interactions.
  • Fixed realm card glow in hand and attribute section in the card builder menu.
  • Addressed Vampire Finches (ally) and Night King Castle abilities.
  • Resolved persistent pop-up screen bugs.
  • Fixed game server issues related to turn time and Troll King.

Known Issues (We're Working on These!):

  • Some cards may have old/incorrect artwork.
  • Champions occasionally stay in Limbo for too long.
  • Game "Log" improvements needed.
  • Registration error states to be more accurate.

Don't miss out on the magic! Join the Spellfire Alpha and be part of this legendary journey!