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  • Flyers Meet Their Fear
  • Best used in the Army of Plants
  • Discards before the round 2 of the battle
Scarecrow card in Spellfire
Scarecrow card in Spellfire

Among the thousands of cards presented in the Spellfire card game, the Scarecrow card is seen as an impressive and valuable ally. Known for its ability to discourage flyers and boost plant champions, the Scarecrow card provides critical support in the Spellfire battles. The Scarecrow card belongs to the vital class known as Creatures. This group consists of champions and allies who can benefit or suffer from the unique abilities of other cards. They’re not limited to a specific champion type, adding to their versatility in the Spellfire world. Remember, though, being a Creature doesn't necessarily mean being a monster.

Standing tall in the battlefield, the Scarecrow card takes on a supportive role, labeled as a male card. It brings to the field a unique set of skills that could potentially be game-changing. The Scarecrow card's power to discourage flying creatures in combat can reverse the outcomes of battles, and its potent influence gives significant enhancement to all plant champions on the field.

Scarecrow card in detail
Scarecrow card in detail

Flyers Meet Their Fear

The Scarecrow card is unique for its ability to instill fear in flyers. It causes all opponents, champions and allies alike, to either avoid combat or retreat. The critical thing to know is that the defending player's flyers will find themselves retreating under the Scarecrow’s influence. So it is best used with a non-flying champions and allies.

Best used in the Army of Plants

The Scarecrow card doesn’t just bring fear to flyers; it also brings strength to allies. With the Scarecrow card 'in play', Player's plant-based champions and allies gain an impressive boost of +2 levels, offering a sturdy defense and more powerful attack capabilities. So the Scarecrow is best used in the deck with plant champions and allies.

Discards before the round 2 of the battle

It’s important to note that while the Scarecrow Card might make flyers retreat, it isn't a signal for the battle’s end. Players are free to choose different champions for the next combat round. However, bear in mind that all support cards, including the Scarecrow card itself, will be discarded when moving to the succeeding round.