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Upcoming Spellfire Events and Tournaments

Spellfire, a card game with a 30-year legacy all over the world, is making a comeback. This classic collectible card game, which boasts a devoted fan base, is set to ignite a new generation of players. Join us in celebrating the revival of Spellfire and meet the enthusiastic Lithuanian community dedicated to bringing this magical experience to a new audience.

If you're ready to take on the true action of Spellfire, be sure to join these local tournaments being hosted all over the country. Save those dates - unique prizes and glory await you!

This section is constantly updated with new & upcoming events - keep a close eye.

Previous Tournaments & Events

Comic Con Baltics 2024 – the thrilling Spellfire Blitz Tournament

  • Location: Litexpo, Vilnius 
  • Format: Spellfire Blitz
  • Prize Pool: ~1000 EUR
Spellfire tournament at Comic Con Baltics 2024
Spellfire tournament at Comic Con Baltics 2024


1st place: 2x Limited Booster, 2x Epic Booster, 2x Super Rare Booster, 2x 55-Card Deck ~500 EUR
2nd place: Limited Booster, Epic Booster, Super Rare Booster, 55-Card Deck ~250 EUR
3rd place: Epic Booster, Super Rare Booster, Rare Booster, “DYNASTY AND NATURE” Set ~165 EUR

All participants (before the tournament): Uncommon Booster + Common Booster ~15 EUR


Simas - first place
Simas - first place
Matas - second place
Matas - second place

2023 Spellfire Tournament Kick-Off: Blitz

December 2023 marked the first-ever Spellfire: Re-Master the Magic tournament that took place in Vilnius, Lithuania.

Participants included both seasoned Spellfire players and newcomers. However, the experience didn't hinder anyone from showcasing their skills and diving into the enchanting world of Spellfire.
Congratulations once again to the winners:

🥇 1st Place - Aleksandr Akimov

🥈 2nd Place - Algimantas Kažeiva

🥉 3rd Place - Mantas Banevičius

These remarkable warriors left their mark on this debut tournament with exceptional performances!


Spellfire: A 30-Year-Old Game Is Back

Exploring the history of Spellfire is key to understanding its recent comeback. This game, which started in the 1990s, aimed to replicate the success of Magic: the Gathering, a popular collectible card game. These games stood out because they focused on strategic play and deck building, allowing players to choose their cards carefully to win battles.

In collectible card games like Spellfire, strategy is more important than luck. Players pick from a large set of cards, each with special abilities, to create a deck. The aim is to select cards that work well together to strengthen your game and help you win. Players often try different combinations to find the most effective deck.

Spellfire gained its own following when it launched in 1994, but it faced tough competition from Magic: the Gathering, which quickly became more popular. As a result, Magic overshadowed Spellfire regarding player numbers and profits. Eventually, the makers of Magic: the Gathering bought Spellfire. They initially planned to grow Spellfire, but later focused only on Magic, leaving Spellfire behind.

However, Spellfire didn't disappear. Fans around the world kept it alive by organizing tournaments and maintaining a community of players who loved fantasy games. People still trade Spellfire's old cards and value them highly.

Over the years, Spellfire has stayed popular with its fans because of its unique play style and story. Now, thirty years after it first appeared, Spellfire is making a comeback. This revival is led by its fans, especially a strong community in our country, who have always loved the game.

Mark these dates on your calendar, attend these tourmanets, and learn how to play Spellfire.ComicC Blic 2024