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  • The First Public Tryout of Spellfire Digital Game
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Spellfire Alpha Launching on August 17th

The First Public Tryout of Spellfire Digital Game

Attention wizards! The moment you've been eagerly awaiting is almost here – the highly anticipated Spellfire Alpha will soon be available for testing.

Get ready for an exhilarating adventure as the Spellfire story enters a new chapter on August 17th, with the first public tryout of the digital game.

With the aim of delivering the best possible experience to all future players, we have thoughtfully curated a team of skilled testers who will have the privilege of being the first to try out the game and actively contribute to its ongoing development.

Their valuable feedback, bug reports, and insights will help shape the game, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all of us.

Be at The Heart of The Game

While our testers' club has already attracted a remarkable response, there are still a few available spots. Don't miss this fantastic opportunity – apply now and secure your place among the Spellfire testers.


Embrace the opportunity to be at the heart of Spellfire's magic as a tester. Don't miss your chance to join and become an integral part of the game's development.

Even if you don't get the opportunity this time, rest assured that exciting things await! Look forward to a series of exclusive testing and development updates that will keep you on track with all the fantastic progress we're making.

Stay connected and be a part of the journey!

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