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  • Spellfire Alpha Version 02 Patch Notes
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Spellfire Public Alpha Release - Version 02 Patch Notes
Spellfire Public Alpha Release - Version 02 Patch Notes

Today marks one of the most important milestones in Spellfire’s history. The digital game alpha is now available to everyone! Players from all over the world can register and start playing with each other - invite your friends, coworkers, family members to a match of Spellfire and enjoy the classic CCG experience.

Spellfire Alpha
Spellfire Alpha

Together with the Public Alpha release comes a series of card additions, improvements, bug fixes and more. It’s truly our biggest game update yet. So, what are you waiting for? Jump in-game and see the magic for yourself!

Start Playing Now - https://spellfire.com/client

Spellfire Alpha Version 02 Patch Notes


  • Added a 3rd Introductory Demo Deck. This deck consists of 25 new cards, with new mechanics and functionalities. The full list of cards and more information can be found here: https://social.spellfire.com/spellfire-alpha-3rd-introductory-deck 
  • Added the first version of Matches Played/Matches Won telemetry. This feature is still being tested and currently only visible internally.
  • Added a “Play Again” button after a match ends. This button immediately puts the player back into the finding match queue with the same match settings.
  • Pressing Spacebar now operates the Continue/Skip button.
  • Added Limbo state functionality for various cards. This is still being improved.
  • Added Event card functionality. During gameplay, Event cards now occupy the space at the top-left corner of the player’s pool.
  • Added the functionality for Co-op cards.
  • Added Mutual item functionality. Mutual artifacts and magical items now function correctly by staying in the player’s pool and attaching/detaching from champions.


  • Improved the recognition of Earthwalker, Swimmer and Flyer attributes. Added the ability for cards (i.e. Ring of Earthwalking) to temporarily grant these attributes to cards without them.
  • Improved card attachment functionality to the enemy player's champions. It should now be clearer when a card can be attached to the other player.
  • Fixed dozens of card descriptions and text issues. Still a work in progress.
  • Offensive/Defensive items are now recognised correctly.
  • Increased performance across many different elements such as loading scenes and loading menus.
  • Improved some stuttering issues that happen on older PCs and laptops.
  • Improved the in-game registration menu functionality. There should now be less chance for errors when registering.
  • Updated error logging to include more details and access to users’ runtime history. This will help debug issues users report.
  • Started reworking the display system of card images; this will help reduce the size of the game and let us more easily update card artwork.
  • A lot of realm cards were re-balanced.


  • Fixed the incorrect game state of immediately winning the game after placing a third non-razed realm card in formation. The introductory gamemode now correctly lets the opponent have a chance to raze a realm for one more turn rotation.
  • Fixed Undead Island incorrectly asking the owner to discard a card when defending their own realm.
  • Fixed a bug where realm cards in a player’s hand would still glow green after placing a realm during phase 2.
  • Fixed an issue where the “Attributes” section in the card builder menu would show a code string instead of attributes.
  • Fixed Vampire Finches (ally) being considered a champion by the game.
  • Fixed Night King Castle mistakenly providing its ability to the opposing player. It now correctly gives +4 levels only to defending fire champions.
  • Fixed a bug where the “Battle Won” or “Battle Lost” pop-up screen would persist through additional game states and would be stuck until the game was restarted.
  • Fixed a game server issue where a turn’s “time remaining” would get misinterpreted.
  • Fixed Troll King not going into limbo after being defeated.

Known Issues

  • Some cards have old/incorrect artwork.
  • Champions sometimes stay in Limbo for too many turns.
  • Game “Log” needs to be improved to accurately display player usernames.
  • Registration error states need to be more accurate.

Download & Play - https://spellfire.com/client