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  • The Importance of the Foremost Realm
  • Play the best realm in your hand first
  • Protect your land formation effectively
The Realm formation
The Realm formation

A realm represents a land, a place of the player. Attacks and defenses are focused on them. Each realm corresponds to a special place in the magical world of Spellfire.

The Importance of the Foremost Realm

The foremost realm is the only one a champion can attack if he's not a flyer, swimmer, or Earthwalker, or possesses some other special power. As a player's realms get razed and flipped over, the ones behind them become exposed and can be attacked. In the pyramid shape of the formation, each realm in the middle row protects two realms in the last row. The center realm in the last row is protected by both realms in the middle row.

Allies also must to be flyers, swimmers, or earthwalkers to go beyond the foremost realm to help champions in the battle.

Play the best realm in your hand first

You should play the best realm in your hand first. In the early game, a realm that is difficult to attack in the front rank may prevent some of your opponents' champions from attacking and keep you safe. The more cards an opponent draws, the higher the chances of him razing the realm are, but you are also more likely to be able to defend it.

For example, if you play Rivers of Fire realm first, attacking champions and allies must have the ability to fly to attack this realm. It gives you a strategic advantage against champions, who are not flyers, swimmers, or earthwalkers. They can not harm your realms in any way if they don’t get help from specific magical items, or other cards, while the first realm is not razed.

Rivers of Fire card in detail
Rivers of Fire card in detail

Protect your land formation effectively

In the collectible card game Spellfire, realms are crucial. Placing them wisely and using their abilities can give you an advantage during the game. Your strongest realms should be placed strategically to guard your territories effectively.

In this game, players use certain "Event Cards" that can raze or discard your realms. Because of this, it is important to plan a defensive strategy. There are some useful cards that can cancel or negate these events which are important to have in your hand.

Another tactic involves the placement of hidden cards within your realms by other players. When activated by certain actions, these cards can lead to the destruction of your realms. If you find that other players have placed hidden cards in your formation, it's important to find ways to remove them.

Understanding and predicting your opponent’s moves also plays a key role in this game. Use these tips to improve your gameplay and strategy in Spellfire.