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  • The Samurai: Unyielding Defenders
  • The Ninja: Masters of Attack
  • The Strategy Behind Samurais and Ninjas
  • Final Thoughts
Blade dancer samurai
Blade dancer samurai

In the magical world of Spellfire, Samurais and Ninjas are among the most powerful cards you can have. These legendary warriors bring a mix of honor, strategic depth, and raw power, making them essential for any strong deck. Let’s explore why these cards are so game-changing and how recent rule changes affect their gameplay.

Samurai in Spellfire game with exclusive item
Samurai in Spellfire game with exclusive item

The Samurai: Unyielding Defenders

Samurais in Spellfire are incredible defenders. A Samurai must be beaten twice before they are removed from the game during a defensive battle. Even if they lose once, they discard all cards, such as magical items and artifacts, but come back ready to fight again in the next turn. Winning just one round against a Samurai won't be enough—they'll be back to defend again.

Originally, Samurais did not lose their magical items and artifacts after the first defeat, making them nearly unbeatable. However, this made them overpowered, so we changed the rules. Now, after the first defeat, all their magical items and artifacts are discarded, balancing the game better.

Despite this, Samurais are still driven by honor. If forced to retreat, they can't stand the shame and choose to end their lives, meaning you have to discard them. During a defensive battle, the defender cannot be changed, so the Samurai fights until death or victory.

The Ninja: Masters of Attack

On the other side are the Ninjas—stealthy, agile, and deadly. Ninjas can attack twice in a single battle. If they defeat the first defender and destroy the realm, they can immediately attack a second realm of the same player. During these consecutive attacks, support cards are discarded before the second attack, giving the Ninja a great advantage.

Like the Samurais, Ninjas also value their honor above everything else. If they face impossible odds and have no choice but to retreat, they end their own lives, meaning they are discarded from the game.

The Strategy Behind Samurais and Ninjas

To win with Samurais and Ninjas, you need a good strategy. Samurais are best used for defense, making the most of their ability to come back after being defeated once. Ninjas, with their ability to attack twice, can break through enemy defenses quickly. Both types of cards require you to understand and respect their code of honor to use them effectively.

Final Thoughts

In Spellfire, Samurais and Ninjas stand out powerful and strategic cards. Their unique abilities to defend and attack twice make them invaluable in any deck. By mastering these warriors and their code of honor, you can turn battles in your favor and achieve great victories. With recent changes to the rules ensuring better balance, embracing the strengths of Samurais and Ninjas will transform your gameplay into a series of epic and honorable battles. Be sure to have some defensive cards against these cults in Spellfire game. Remember, if Samurais are forced to leave the battle, they perform harakiri.